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Shifting Delivery of Landscape Maintenance Services in Singapore

This year challenged everyone to find ways of adapting and conquering restrictions brought about by the pandemic. After all, it is not easy navigating through the new normal without limiting yourself to the regular processes like face to face consultations. If you are a provider of landscape maintenance services, here are some tips for you to continue operations despite the shift.

Meet Safety Guidelines

Everyone is not safe with the Covid-19 virus. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, an infant, or a senior member of the family, everyone is vulnerable and susceptible to infection. With that said, it is your responsibility as a business owner to understand health protocols and enforce them on your staff.

Some of these health protocols are wearing a mask, having a ready bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer, investing in PPEs for face to face consultations, minimizing the number of workers present in an office, and more.

Although this can be a cause of concern for others because it will lessen profitability, it will definitely add a layer of protection to employees and yourself.

Encourage Virtual Setups

The government encourages every office and organization to shift to virtual setups to minimize physical contact. You can minimize the physical workforce by maintaining a shifting schedule or only requiring a skeletal workforce to attend.

Other than that, you can communicate with employees and clients through virtual conferences and video calls. You can also render services like consultations through online means.

Market and Promote Services

The series of lockdowns only reinforced everyone’s massive usage of social media platforms and the internet. If you aren’t on Facebook, Instagram, or the internet right now, you’re missing out on great advertising and marketing gains.

With the help of social media platforms and the internet, you can gain an audience, get people to familiarize themselves with your services, and even include promotions that individuals can use upon inquiring and availing of services.

Find a Way to Retain Key Employees

It’s tempting to remove employees during the pandemic to save on resources. However, there are other ways of going around this pandemic without firing employees. The best course of action whenever the business is facing troubles is to communicate concerns with employees. Instead of opting for band-aid solutions, long-term results must be considered.

It can be hard to work on landscaping dreams in the middle of the pandemic. However, if you want to stay relevant in the biz, you need to adapt. Urban Landscape Singapore is a Singapore garden cleaning company that continuously provides top-notch landscape services to clients amidst the restrictions brought upon by the pandemic.