Home Improvement

Increase Your House’s Curb Appeal This Summer

The pleasant weather of the summer allows you to complete several home projects with minimal disruptions. One of the goals you can achieve during this time includes raising your home’s curb appeal. Working towards this objective not only improves the market value of your property, but it also fixes any potential issues you may not have noticed. Additionally, it makes your property look pleasant. Learn about all the ways you can boost curb appeal this season. 

Exterior Cleanliness 

The house’s exterior does not always appear filthy immediately, especially when people see it from a distance. Keep in mind that discerning buyers can easily find dirt, mold, debris and more stuck to the walls and windows of the building. Use the right cleaning tools for your surface, whether they are soapy water and a brush or a pressure washer. Cleaning the exteriors can breathe new life into your home and reinvigorate its colors. This is also the perfect opportunity to apply fresh paint afterwards. 

Outdoor Lighting 

An effective way to highlight the best features of your house is with strategic lighting. The correct light placement complements certain details and hides others, giving the building an elegant look that draws people’s attention at night. The additional visibility also improves your property’s security and the safety of anyone in the vicinity. You do not have to risk high energy bills for outdoor lighting. Solar lamps absorb and use solar energy, making them both low maintenance and cost-effective. 


The lawn and other plants surrounding your house are prominent features that create a strong first impression. Choose native plants and other arrangements that compliment every feature of your house. Even garage landscaping plays an important role in your residence’s overall presentation. However, your lawn does not have to be complex. Start small with mowing and trimming, along with basic maintenance. These practices keep the area manageable before moving on to more elaborate designs.  

Roof Improvements 

Another important part of your house is the roof. Not only is it one of the most noticeable features of your house, but any damage to it affects the rest of your home. A poorly maintained roof leaks water inside your home and creates more property destruction. Hire professionals to inspect and upgrade your roof as needed. This is also great opportunity to clean or repair the shingles. The procedure will result in a renovated, colorful roof that successfully attracts new buyers. 

Miscellaneous Maintenance

There are smaller flaws throughout the building that are initially difficult to notice. Unfortunately, when you leave them unattended over time, they can add up and diminish curb appeal and the house’s overall quality. Damaged windows, clogged gutters, cracked asphalt and more are some of the details you can spot with careful inspections or in the middle of larger tasks. Take note of these flaws and remember to resolve them whenever possible to improve your house in small, but significant ways. 

Your house’s high curb appeal holds several benefits, from an improved neighborhood reputation to an easier time selling it if you choose to move out. Make the time to look for aesthetic and quality improvements to make.