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What are the Pros and Cons of Zebra Blinds?

The choice of what type of blinds to get today for a home has gone far beyond the simple question of drapes or blinds. There are many different ones to choose from Venetian all the way to Roman! So, when deciding on whether or not to get Zebra blinds, first one must ask: “What is a Zebra Blind?”

The question is a good one, given that most people in North America are unfamiliar with Zebra blinds. Venetian blinds, however, have been around for decades, so that type of vertical blind is well known. To know what a Zebra blind is, imagine a Venetian blind, but with thicker slats and add in a transparent screen. That’s, essentially, what a Zebra Blind is.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a Zebra blind?

The Cons:

They are more fragile: Just like Venetian blinds, Zebra Blinds are more susceptible to damage than standard blinds. The aesthetic qualities of these blinds come at a price, and this is it!

They don’t offer any noise reduction: The advantage to curtains is that, once drawn, the heavy nature of the cloth tends to aid in reducing noise from the outside.

They do affect the view: When left down, Zebra blinds tend to impede the view from the window of whatever room they’re in. The easiest way, however, to solve this is to raise the blinds whenever one wants a clear view of the backyard!

They do have gaps: The biggest disadvantage to Zebra Blinds is that they’re manufacture and design requires that they have a few gaps, here and there, which means that they’ll always let a little bit of light in.

The Pros: 

They are more affordable: It’s the best-looking blind a person can get on a budget and they have aesthetic appeal, which makes them a good alternative to the same old, boring blind or heavy curtains.

Versatility: Zebra blinds have many uses, compared to standard curtains. With standard curtains, they’re either closed or open, meaning that one either has full light or none at all. Zebra blinds can be adjusted to the desired light level.

No hassle: One of the biggest advantages of Zebra Blinds is that they’re easy to install, so there is no need to call in someone to have them installed, which only adds to the overall cost for other types of blinds that may be more complex.

Privacy: There are few ways that a Zebra Blind can’t be adjusted so that people outside can’t see inside, which means one does not have to be quite so mindful of the neighbors!

They add a layer of insulation: No, this doesn’t mean that people don’t need window panes anymore, but it does mean that a lowered Zebra Blind helps to add that extra layer of dead air to help lower the transfer of heat to the outside.

In conclusion, Zebra blinds do have their advantages and disadvantage, but overall they are a good choice for those looking to have blinds that are a good interior design choice at a great price.