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How Can You Keep Flies Away From Your Home Safely and Naturally?

Flies can be quite annoying that disrupt your indoor meal or disturb any social gathering with their constant swarming around your dinner table or by landing on your beverage glasses. You may control indoor flies to a certain degree by whacking them using a fly swatter.

The better way to control indoor flies will not only be killing them, but also totally block their entry into your home and also eliminate the entire food sources and other breeding areas that can draw these flies. You can also take the help of pest control Manchester to eliminate them totally from your home.

How to get rid of these flies naturally

Hang water bags from porches

The water bag can reflect light and can throw off the compound eye of flies, however, that may not be effective enough to make a very big difference if the number of flies is much more. The vast amount of bags that you may need to hang all around your home for making an effect would perhaps look too funny.

Smoke flies out by using citronella candles

Also, citronella can be a great repellent of flies, but it will only work effectively in a very small area per candle. So, you may need a large number of candles to be effective and that would be too costly and may not be a viable solution.

Use flytraps

As fly traps can attract flies, the best way of using a fly trap for repelling flies will be to place them further away from where you will not prefer any flies. You can also make a sugar-water mix to get flies to the trap. After the flies get trapped then they die and all dead flies will attract more flies.

Install yellow light bulbs for keeping flies away

Various studies have shown, the colour yellow can repel flies. So, you have to surround your home completely with yellow light bulbs to make any real effect.

Keep things clean

House flies are also called filth flies-decay is usually the favorite habitat for all these flies. You must try to minimize dampness as much as possible. Keep the area clean by doing the following:

  • Try to keep your trash closed within lidded containers.
  • Clean any spills quickly
  • Cover any non-refrigerated food.
  • Keep your pet feeding and other litter areas clean
  • Avoid dirty dishes sitting in your sink for too long.
  • Fix drips and eliminate all areas of excess moisture.

Use pesticides responsibly

Many people often go for chemical insecticides, but chemical control must be avoided if possible. If chemicals are overused then gradually they can develop resistance to these chemicals, and hence you will need to use heavy applications of such chemicals to kill them.

There are a few traditional pesticides that pose no risk for human health, however, the experts suggest that all such pesticides may also pose hazards after they are overused or proper directions are not followed while using them.