How can you make a modular kitchen more efficient?

In most houses, the kitchen is considered as just the cooking area, but many are giving it a serious thought as well. It’s quite easier to design a modular kitchen, if things are taken seriously right from the scratch i.e. from planning. However, even an existing one can be renovated using modern techniques that suit your requirements.

You need to understand what modular kitchen is to determine the cost-effective design ideas. The pre-made cabinet parts are installed to create a practical kitchen that consists of parts made up of different materials to hold kitchen accessories. The common elements of the kitchen layout include floor cabinets, shutters, wall cabinets, countertop, hardware and appliances, etc. The floor cabinet is the one on which the whole surface rests, while wall cabinets offer overhead storage. The functional and stylish shutters are for cabinets, while the countertop is available in a range of materials from vinyl, laminate, and wood to marble, granite, etc. The appliances such as sinks, ovens, dishwashers, chimneys, and stoves are integral to modern kitchen designs.

Considering kitchen area

Designer cabinets, free standing cabinets, L shaped or U shaped modules are favourites among home owners. However, before opting for any of the layouts, you need to understand your kitchen space to get a high efficiency and stunning aesthetics. The shape says lot about the kitchen style. Your kitchen maybe a corridor kitchen, U shape or L shape, the number of layouts is diversified as price. Take a note of all modular designs available and do your research on what suits you best in terms of designs as well as cost. Indian modular kitchen ideas come with n number of choices and hence choose the one that’s tailor made to fit your style and budget. Consult a designer or home interior firm to get more information about modular kitchens as they will help you with designs, cabinet ideas.

Selecting units

Cabinet designs and furniture designs displayed in showrooms are meant to look appealing; however, not all layouts suit your requirement, taste or budget. Instead of looking for top-notch design, explore modular units that can blend with your home interior. Ask about colours and accessories that look sensible and offer great appeal. If baking doesn’t interest you, then you can skip those built-in oven appliance provisions. You need to carefully analyse your daily routine to make a good sense of design within budget. If you are looking for unique finishes, you can consider stone, glass instead of laminate or wood.


The Indian cuisine culinary involves noticeable use of oils or spicy ingredients that easily stain kitchen surfaces. Hence, before installing any type of appliances or material, you need to give consideration to maintenance. The cleaning of surface, cabinet, hob should be done easily, without causing them any damages.


You need to do a lot of homework to evaluate the design in terms of finishes, materials and budget.  Whether it is a small or large modular units, pricing can be the major factor to make a decision.

Keeping these tips and modular kitchen cost in mind, it’s possible to purchase a module design that suit your needs.