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What features to look in the best portable AC?

With the advancement of technology in the current decade, even modern appliances like ACs have witnessed the arrival of some of the most eye-catching and comfortable features. 

These features not only offer extreme convenience while operating the particular AC but they also provide some new and more effective functions like never before.

And the best portable ACs are certainly no exception. So, if you are looking to buy a suitable portable air conditioner that offers you ultimate convenience along with optimum performance, try looking for the following features.


A built-in programmable thermostat in your portable AC lets you specify the ideal temperature to the AC. The rest will be taken care of by the appliance itself. It will bring down the temperature gradually to the specified value and will close automatically.

Auto Drain System

An auto drain system in your AC relieves you from the messy and tiring manual draining. This system vaporizes the complete liquid condensate to exhaust and drains it out automatically.

Remote Control

This certainly is one of the most convenient features of an AC. And with the advancement of technology, the feature has itself evolved to a large extent.

Smart Connections

Many of the present-day portable ACs allow smart wireless connections with your smartphone for even greater convenience. As the smartphone remains always close to you, you do not even need to reach the included remote control.

Going to an even further extent, many of the portable ACs can also connect with AI devices like Alexa and Google Assistant, etc. This way, you can control the appliance with a single voice command that takes you to the extreme convenience level.

Multi-Weather Functionality

A large number of ACs today, are also capable of raising your temperature to the comfy level in the winter seasons. This makes them suitable for all weather issues. 

By altering the AC in the heat and cool mode you can allow the AC to act in the desired manner.

In addition, for the case of humid climates of the rainy season, the AC can even act as a dehumidifier. In the dry mode, the AC is capable of slurping in the sticky air from your surroundings.

Final Words

While looking for all of these unique features in the AC, make sure to consider your requirements as well as the budget. Also, ensure that you do not get carried away with these eye-catching features and ignore the other important factors. 

We hope you could find this article helpful in buying the ideal portable AC for yourself.