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4 Important Steps to Move a Piano Home Improvement

Pianos are gorgeous instruments, but, unfortunately, they are also known to be notoriously difficult to relocate. You need to be careful not to damage your home or the piano itself. With a few tips, you can safely and more easily move your piano.

Recruit Help

Moving a piano certainly isn’t a one-person job. For piano moving Peterborough ON, hiring professionals is the most reliable choice. Not only will a moving company be licensed and insured, but they’ll also be experienced and well equipped. If you forgo using professionals, it’s wise to recruit three to five friends to assist.

Measure Everything

You can’t be too careful when it comes to measuring for your piano’s relocation. It’s more than just measuring the instrument. Walk the path you will be taking and size up hallways, doorframes, and staircases. You should verify that the vehicle you plan to use is large enough and that the piano will fit in its destination.

Clear the Way

After you measure, walk the route again. You should double-check for additional risks. Tripping hazards like throw rugs, pets, and clutter are especially dangerous. You will want to slide any furniture well out of the way, so the movers don’t have to jostle around anything. Remember to be aware of the weight. You may want to confirm that all floors, ramps, and staircases can handle the load.

Equip Yourself

The required equipment will depend on what type of piano you have. For a standard upright, you can count on the need for dollies, tie-downs, padding, and ramps. Due to their size and additional complexity, grand pianos will also require a piano board.

Moving a piano can be tedious, but it’s not impossible. If you get great help, measure, clear a path, and use the right equipment, your piano can reach its new home safely.