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Signs Your Forklift Needs Home Improvement Service

When is the last time you serviced your forklift? Has it been over six months? If so, this is the first sign it may be time to take it in.

Six months of regular use means around 250 hours of operation. If you run your truck more than average, this number could be even higher. With regular maintenance, you can prevent more serious issues with the machine. While this is true, there’s no way to avoid all problems with your forklifts Houston TX. Because of this, you need to learn the top signs of a problem and that repairs are required.

Worn Forks

The forks may become bent or worn over time as they pick up, transport, and unload pallets. If forks are damaged, it means the machine cannot effectively or safely move a load. This may lead to the items being dropped and damaged.

If you notice dents, misalignment, or surface cracks in the forks, it is best to take the truck completely out of service. Use a fork wear caliper to determine the level of wear. If it measures 10%, it means the capacity is reduced by 20% and that the fork needs to be replaced.

Damaged Chain

The chains on your forklift can endure up to 6,000 hours of work when they are lubricated properly. If you notice signs of kinking, corrosion, or rust, it is time to replace the chain. If not, it may fail and cause damage to the forklift and the load being moved.

It is also a good idea to look for signs of wear on pinheads and link plates. These may be a sign of damage or that the truck requires service.

Don’t wait to call for repairs on a potentially damaged forklift. This is only going to lead to efficiency and safety issues. You can avoid all these problems by calling for repairs as soon as an issue is seen.