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What Are the Various Types of Water Softeners?

The requirement for the water softener is identified by some normal symptoms involving chalky film on dished after mineral deposits, washing, and scale form on the shower heads and faucet of water. You can get many advantages of water softener such as iron, magnesium, and calcium for the flowing of water in your house. Search for water softener San Antonio for finding more information on water softeners and its system. The better softeners of water operate either by obtaining heavy minerals present in the water utilizing a procedure called ion exchange. Or they might neutralize these minerals such that they are not capable to bind together and be dissolved in the water.

Discussing the different kinds of water softeners

There are actually four kinds of water softeners salt free, salt based, magnetic, and dual tank water softeners. 

Salt-Free Water Softeners:

These are the water softeners which do not use salt to eliminate heavy minerals present inside the water. They do not eliminate the heavy deposits at all as they have something known as system of template assisted crystallization utilizing polymer beads which hold the sites of microscopic nucleation. When the minerals that are heavy associate to the sites they start to form into crystals through the process of neutralization. When it happens the crystals are detached and are not bonded to anything to prevent scaling or build up from the water that is hard. 

These softeners are expensive without recharging or electricity needed. They are little than other systems of water softening. But these might struggle with hard water at high levels and homes with average use of water. 

Salt based water softeners:

These are the normal utilized systems which come in different sizes. They are suitablele for any dwelling from RVs to mansion. These water softeners cost is more than the softeners of salt free. They operate through the system of ion exchange in which the minerals that are heavy is present in the water such as magnesium and calcium. They are drawn inside a resin within the softener and exchange for ions of sodium. The salt based softeners eliminate these heavy minerals from the water to neutrality healthy state which wont damage your faucets, skin, and appliances. Even though salt is present inside the water, it is little amount which is not noticed. 

They are sodium ions which are positively charged in the resin which run out and this resin required to be salt recharged.

Magnetic water softeners:

These softeners are best for little spaces as they can fit on your water pipe and doesn’t require much space. You don’t require to cut into line of water to utilize them yet few designs need to be wired into your electrical system of your home. The magnetic water softeners do not eliminate heavy minerals from the water. Other than that they operate utilizing a field of magnet to separate positive and negative charged ions. The minerals don’t need to bond with each other. Other than this they stay dissolved inside the water. 

Dual tank water softeners:

The softener which is dual tank is a softener of salt based consisting of tanks of two resins. These tanks operate in the similar manner as a softener of single tank salt based except that when one tank is present in the cycle of regeneration. The other tank is still offering water that are softened to your home. You don’t have to recharge this softener. 

Thus, these are the four different types of water softeners present in the market.