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Three Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Your dog adores you and is depending on you for basic care, but it’s important to remember that your dog is counting on you for a lot more than that. Dogs are pretty much wholly dependent on their owners for providing them with what they need to stay happy and stimulated. Here are some simple things that you can do to promote your fur baby’s happiness.

1. Give Your Dog More Time Outside Everyday

All dogs love being one with nature. They love to take in all of the interesting sights and smells around them on nice days with warm and sunny weather. Some dogs really love running around outdoors on rainy days too. Fencing in your yard is a fantastic way to give your dog the run of the place. If you need help from a fencing contractor Lake County IL, reach out to a company that has experience serving residential customers in your area.

2. Help Your Dog Be Social

Dogs that love playing with other dogs need to get that quality time with four-legged friends in order to feel happy and get regular doses of fun. Make time to head out to your local dog park or consider enrolling your pup in a well-reviewed doggy daycare program.

3. Go on Fun Expeditions

Plan on some cool outings for Saturday or Sunday mornings that will be fun for your dog. Go for a hike or find a scenic outdoor area that you can explore together. Your favorite adventure buddy will  love getting to take in the great outdoors while also spending time with you.

Your efforts to give your dog a life filled with love and happiness can have a dramatic impact on his or her health. Dogs that are generally happy and sufficiently engaged tend to enjoy greater longevity and are more resistant to age-related decline.