The Best Online Mattress Companies For Your Mattress Needs

Today, even in the mattress manufacturing industry, you will see a lot of companies and brands toughing out for the number 1 spot industry. 

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While tight competition among these companies is ultimately good for customers as it provides us with multiple choices at competitive prices, it also creates a minor problem on our end.

And that is confusion on which brand to choose. With hundreds of companies promising the highest of qualities and best after-sales service, choosing the best one might just stress you out and confuse you.

Fortunately, we at are here to help you with choosing the best mattress for you and your loved ones. 

We did the research for you and have come up with two of the best online mattress companies per category to make your choice a lot easier and less stressful.


For latex mattresses, the two best brands are; Latex for Less and Sweet Zzz

Latex for Less is a California-based mattress company that has dedicated themselves to manufacturing high-quality, comfortable and most of all, all-natural and eco-friendly mattresses for their clients.

As of this writing, the company is only manufacturing one product – The Latex Mattress.

The Latex Mattress is made up of natural latex and wool fibers. The wool fibers inside the mattress help regulate the temperature which can give you a cool feeling during warm nights, or a warm and enveloping hug during extremely cold nights. It also comes with an organic cotton cover which can add to the overall natural and comfortable feeling of the mattress.

Sweet Zzz is another California-based mattress company that specializes in eco-friendly mattress companies. Coincidentally, the company also offers a single latex mattress – The Natures Novel Latex Mattress.

It is made up of natural Talalay latex materials that promise not just eco-friendliness but also high durability and hypoallergenic qualities. 

What makes the Natures Novel mattress a top choice is that it comes with a breathable natural wool cove that contours to your body shape and its breathable quality that regulates the temperature within the mattress.

Spring Mattresses

For Spring Mattresses, we have rounded up the best brands and came up with two – Saatva and WinkBed.

Saatva mattresses don’t disappoint when it comes to innovation in Spring mattresses. While spring mattresses are considered old-fashioned with minimal features, Saatva mattresses break the stigma with their mattresses.

While the company’s mattresses are made up of layers of coil systems that will give you both the durability and comfortability. The base of their mattresses is supported by durable springs, while the top layer is supported by multiple single coil systems that can relieve pressure while retaining the springy feeling.

WinkBed mattresses, on the other hand, promises a premium-level feeling while maximizing the durability of the mattress. Their mattresses come with motion isolation which helps lessens the movements and wiggling on each side of the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

For Memory Foam mattresses, the top two companies that we would like to recommend are; TEMPUR-Adapt and Nectar Memory foam mattresses.

TEMPUR-Adapt is a mattress company that has been in the industry for several years now. Specializing in memory foams, the company has a reputation for providing the most comfortable and high-quality memory foam mattresses out there.

The company’s memory foam mattresses are generally made up of two layers of memory foam. The base layer serves as the memory foam that contours to your body shape, while the second one provides additional support and pressure relief. With this design, its users will not fully sink on the mattress, but still, provide that comfortable and soft feeling as they lie down.

As for Nectar Memory foam mattresses, it has our vote as being one of the best memory foam brands because of its five layers of memory foam that allows its user to float in the mattress while having the right amount of support and pressure relief. Furthermore, their mattresses come with cooling technology which prevents heat from building up in the mattress. 

Hybrid Mattresses

If you want your mattress to have a bit of everything, then Hybrid mattresses are the best choices for you.

For this type of mattress, Dreamcloud and Allswell Luxe Hybrid are our top two picks.

Dreamcloud Hybrid mattresses feature versatility, support, and affordability in their mattresses. 

The mattresses come with a memory foam top layer that can either be; standard, quilted or gel-infused. Thus, depending on your preferences, Dreamcloud hybrid mattresses will have it for you. Supporting the memory foam top layer is a base layer made up of spring coils that provide additional support and pressure relief

Furthermore, the company’s mattresses can also be customized with natural latex materials for eco-friendly and allergy-free mattresses. And what’s best, all of these perks and features come at a very affordable price. 

Additional benefits of the company’s hybrid mattresses are; motion isolation and noise control which helps couples sleep soundly even with the occasional movements and noises.

And rounding up our list of the top brands is the Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress, which is arguably the most affordable high-quality or luxury mattress that you can buy anywhere. 

The mattress is rated at Medium-Firm level of firmness but can still deliver a soft and body-contouring with its 1-inch memory foam top layer. And supporting this memory foam layer is a base of 7-inch pocketed spring coils which adds pressure relief and durability. Aside from the usual motion isolation and noise control, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid also has breathable materials that allow better airflow in the mattress.

In conclusion, always remember that, ultimately, it is you and your loved ones that will end up using the mattress. Thus, always make sure to prioritize your preference and comfortability over the latest trends.

Keep in mind that mattresses play a major part in having a good night’s sleep or waking up with sore necks and back. Thus, make sure that you buy the right mattress from the right online mattress companies.