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3 Space-Saving Tips For Your Apartment

Decorating your studio apartment will require you to be innovative and creative! You should be thinking actively about how to take full advantage of your space so that you can live comfortably. Here are some tips on how to best utilize your studio apartment space.

  1. Use All Of Your Walls

Traditionally, you might be looking at floor space as a measure of how much you can squeeze into your apartment. Consider, however, mounting shelves to your walls for extra storage or hanging lights from the ceiling. You can even use the walls of your closet to save space. Studio apartments in Manayunk, for example, contain walk-in closets which are great for mirrors and hanging shoe racks! Even simple changes can make a dramatic difference.

  1. Create a Multipurpose Bed

Using your bed for both seating and sleeping purposes is a great way to save space in your apartment. You can use decorative pillows and blankets to make the bed seem like a seating area and then remove everything at night when you sleep. An additional benefit of a multipurpose bed is that you can save money on sofas and other living room furniture.

  1. Divide Up The Space

Dividing up a smaller apartment will make your apartment feel less crowded. For instance, you can put curtains around your bed for some added privacy. Some alternative dividers can even take the form of large bookshelves or foldable separators. Think intentionally about where you want to create separations and why. Do you want to have more privacy? Are you trying to create spaces in order to host guests? Regardless of the purpose, installing any kind of divisions is a creative way to use space in your apartment.

Your apartment may seem small and cramped initially, but with these tips, you can start saving space and designing a home that truly serves your needs. The possibilities are endless!