How To Make Your Appliances Last Longer And Work Better

House hold appliances became a part of our lives that we can’t imagine our lives without. It is important that your appliances are running smooth and correct to make your life just a little bit easier. Maintenance is critical for ensuring long and happy life of your appliance and happy life of your wallet by avoiding costly repairs and possible insurance claims due to failed and leaky appliances. To prevent premature failure of components, follow these easy tips and tricks.

Washers (Front Load)

  • Always make sure to leave washer door and soap dispenser drawer slightly open after the cycle to allow washer to air out to prevent mold and mildew build up on rubber seal. 
  • Often times small drain holes on the seal get plugged up with debris causing excess water siting in the fold of the seal causing mold formation and premature wear to door seal. 
  • Most modern washer have “Clean Cycle” option that in combination with cleaning tablet will help prevent soap build up and help your machine to last longer. 
  • It is important not to overload your washing machine. Your washer’s manufacturer carefully considered the amount you can load to prevent damage to vital component’s such as bearings and drum while maximizing wash capacity. Always make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions and suggestions.


  • First and foremost, clean your dryer vents regularly! Clean dryer vents are not only important for drying performance but also prevent any potential for fire due to lint built up. For detached home owners vents should be cleaned every year. For condo and other strata owners, strata is responsible for cleaning vent through out the building.
  • Since dryer drum is not perfectly sealed, some of the lint can make its way inside the dryer settling on components such as motor and idler pulley causing it to fail prematurely. If you need to clean your dryer from the inside call us today to schedule a maintenance appointment for your dryer.


  • Modern refrigerators do not require a lot of maintenance. With introduction of 100 percent frost free fridges, manual defrosting became thing of the past. However, if you notice that your fridge is not cooling properly but freezer is still ok, that could be a sign that your refrigerator is not defrosting properly, if that’s the case, call Tricity Appliances Quality Service today to book an appointment to get your refrigerator working properly again.
  • During hot summers fridges are working extra hard due to higher temperature difference. Make sure your condenser coil is free of dust and air flow to it is not blocked. Condenser coil is vital part of your cooling system and must stay clean for proper heat exchange. Kick plate on the bottom of the fridge is easily removed to gain access to condenser coil. Quick vacuum  every few month will help avoid major repairs to sealed system.


  • Most of dishwasher service calls are due to dishwasher not draining. Most times drain issues are caused not by a failed component but debris blocking drain pump. It is very important to rinse the dishes before putting them into dishwasher to avoid blockage of drain pump. 
  • Another common problem is broken glass blocking the drain pump. We always advise our customers to avoid putting wine glasses and other thin glass dishes into dishwasher as water pressure can knock these items over causing it to break and potentially block drain pump.

Follow these advises to prolong the life of your appliances but if you still having trouble, Tricity Appliances Quality Service is here to help with all your appliance repair. Call us today or use our online service request form to describe your problem and our technicians will contact you directly to schedule a service call for a time that is convenient for you.