Our 5 Best Tips For Cleaning Your Roof

Not everyone knows it, but yes, your roof does need some TLC every now and again in the form of cleaning the roof. Cleaning it can be a daunting task to undertake, but we have 6 tips to ensure that your roof is well cared for and squeaky clean! Need roof cleaning in Ormskirk? Check out Just Clean Property Care.

  • Schedule Cleaning on a Cold or Cloudy Day

Cloudy? Cold? Yes, you heard us right! These types of weather conditions are often perfect for getting your cleaning solution to work effectively but aim to avoid weather that’s too cold as this can cause lasting damage to the shingles and prevent them from sealing correctly. Hot weather can also affect bleach-based products as it will evaporate quickly before taking effect, so ensure to check your local weather forecast and plan in advance!

  • Check, Check and Check again!

The last thing you’ll want to find out is a pesky shingle or flashing has come loose on the day you’re prepped to clean the roof! Check in advance to make sure that they are all seated correctly and if not, make sure that you contact a tradesperson to fix them before undertaking any cleaning work. Also ensure that your gutters and downspouts are drained just to ensure that water can drain from the roof with no issues during cleaning. 

  • Clear Areas Surrounding Your Roof

As you or a professional will be working with bleach-based products, we recommend clearing surrounding areas by taking measure such as cutting back any tree branches too close to the roof; store any furniture usually outside in a safe place and ensure that any plants outside are either covered appropriately or stored away with outdoor furniture. This will save them from damage and contamination if the cleaning solution ends up where it shouldn’t be!

  • Aftercare and Prevention

After your roof has been cleaned, its important to keep up aftercare and maintenance, using products suggested by professionals to keep algae at bay, leaving algae unattended can cause large amounts of growth which can affect shingles and flashings. Ensure that gutters are kept clean of dirt so that water accumulated on the roof from rain can drain properly, this will keep your roof happy in the long term as it will stay clean. Keeping any trees and their branches near to your roof cut short will also prevent a build up of debris on your roof. 

  • Always Put Safety First

If you are nervous about undertaking roof cleaning, always reach out to a local tradesperson who can do this job for you, always check that they have references for previous work done and that they have bonding and insurance! The last thing anyone wants when doing roofing work is for any injuries to be picked up, but make sure that this won’t be at a cost to you. Lastly always make sure that you, or a professional, wear harnesses when undertaking roof cleaning. 

Roof cleaning can be a daunting task to undertake, but with the right tools and professional tradespeople it can be a breeze! We hope you are able to keep your roof in great condition and squeaky clean for years to come.