Why Do Water Pipes Need Insulation

Insulating your water pipes prove to have various benefits in your plumbing system regardless of whether it is during the winter or the summer in Australia. However, this entails the need for you to understand which of your pipes to insulate. The best plumber Canberra locals recommend suggests that in this case, you need to consider factors such as your location. Rest assured that insulating your pipes is one of the most viable ways to save a decent amount of money in the long run.

Prevent Pipe from:

  • Freezing and Bursting

One of the primary reasons why your water pipes need insulation is to prevent them from freezing and bursting. For some homeowners, bursting pipes prove to be a huge problem. On the other hand, people living in extremely cold weather need to protect their pipes, particularly during the winter, through insulation. The insulating material will keep the water flowing through the pipes from freezing.

  • Contracting and Expanding

Another reason why water pipes need insulation is to prevent them from contracting and expanding, which proves to be beneficial to lengthen the lifespan of your plumbing system. When the environmental temperature surrounding your piping is constantly changing, and the water pipes are not insulated, there is a great chance for them to contract and expand according to the change in temperature level. If your pipes contract and expand frequently over a prolonged period of time, then it can cause undue strain on your plumbing, leading to leaks that will entail the need for repairs and replacement.

  • Heat Loss

You should also consider insulating your water pipes to prevent heat loss from the piping. In this case, think about the heat loss that occurs with the water being fed into your shower or washing machine from your heater. With a water pipe insulation, the water that is delivered in these appliances, even in your tap, will be hotter. This will allow you to turn down the level of your water heater by a couple of degrees, allowing you to save a decent sum when your energy bill arrives.

Minimise Condensation

For homeowners living in warmer climates, cold water pipe insulation is important to help regulate the humidity of the entire household. The reason behind this is that cold water pipes tend to condense or sweat during the warmer months. As a result, the humidity inside the home is increased to an uncomfortable level, leading to mould or water staining.

Energy Conservation

Finally, you need to insulate your water pipes to help you conserve energy and eventually save on your bills. Apart from maintaining the heat of your water, your pipes are also well maintained when they are insulated. Thus, there is less chance for you to have them repaired or replaced which can prove to be costly. For this reason, you will be able to earn back the upfront cost that you incurred during the installation.

Insulation for Both Hot and Cold Water Pipes

Hot water pipes need to be insulated to help keep your water maintained at an optimally warm temperature as it is delivered to different parts of your home. On the other hand, insulating your cold water pipes is essential particularly during the winter months to protect them from various factors that can entail the need for repairs.

There are several reasons why your water pipes need insulation such as to prevent them from freezing and bursting, as well as contracting and expanding. Insulating your water pipes will also prevent heat loss and minimise condensation. The best part is that when you insulate your heat pipes, you are most likely to conserve energy and eventually reduce your bills.