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What To Do If Your Chimney Suddenly Collapses

Chimneys are a vital ventilation structure. If you’ve got a fireplace, chimneys help direct toxic gases out of your home. So if this part of your property collapses, big consequences await. You have to act fast and call a chimney sweep immediately.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to do if your chimney suddenly collapses — and what you can undertake to prevent it from collapsing in the first place.

Putting out the fire in your fireplace. When your chimney falls apart, you have to put out any fire in your fireplace as soon as you can. Failure to do so can cause burning wood to be dislodged and affect its immediate environment. And if there’s a flammable object around it, like fabric, it can spark fire as well. Moreover, blockage in your chimney can create a carbon monoxide hazard. This toxic gas can seep into your walls and other surfaces. Addressing this concern will be costlier and more stressful.

Prioritizing your safety. A collapsing chimney is a dangerous thing. In fact, falling objects can even cause serious injury — and worst, they can also kill a person. This is why you have to observe utmost safety when this unfortunate event takes place in your property. Apart from avoiding walking anywhere under the chimney, you shouldn’t also walk on your roof and try to assess the damage yourself. What you need to do is to reach out to a chimney professional — most of them offer emergency services because they’re aware of how important it is to fix damaged or collapsed chimneys as soon as possible.

Getting help from a chimney sweep. Why do you need to seek professional assistance? Experts in this industry have the necessary experience and equipment to carry out their services effectively — and safely. When they arrive at your area, they will immediately inspect the site and give a repair estimate. Necessary immediate actions will also be provided to keep your home safe and adequately warm.

Prevent Your Chimney From Collapsing

Did you know that chimney fires cause property damage worth $125 million on a yearly basis in the US? Even if you, fortunately, prevent a chimney fire, your chimney is at risk of collapsing if it lacks inspection, regular cleaning, and preventive maintenance.

Apart from hiring a chimney sweep to make sure your chimney is clean and unclogged, you need to seek professional help to examine if your chimney has structural defects. These possible defects include crumbling stones and bricks, insufficient or damaged lateral support, broken chimney footing, and visible separation from your property among others.

When you periodically get help from a pro, you’d also enjoy more benefits — one of which is increased heating efficiency. If you have a clean chimney, your fireplace will burn wood more effectively.

As stated, it will also prevent harmful gases from getting trapped and seeping into other parts of your home. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can pose serious health risks.

Last but not the least, a structurally sound chimney will allow chimney sweeps to perform inspections more thoroughly and safely.

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