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How Does Someone Fix A Noisy Garage Door In Vaughan?

It doesn’t occur just in Vaughan, but it is just as annoying. You get up in the morning, get dressed, get ready to go to work, and then you hit that remote to open the garage door. It’s then that you cringe to the sound as the garage door whines and creaks as it moves up and out of the way.

This isn’t just really irritating and it doesn’t just succeed at annoying the neighbors. It can get worse, if left as is, and then require a call to a company that handles garage door repair in Vaughan. So, here’s a few tools to help fix that creaking garage door:

The cause of a garage door making disquieting noises isn’t limited to just one cause. There can be issues with the rollers, loose screws, or it can just be in need of some grease! 

First, find every bolt and screw in and around the garage door and tighten everything! This seems like the obvious thing to do, but it really is the one thing everyone should check before moving onto other approaches that might take more time and effort, not to mention taking things apart! A simple tightening of everything is sometimes just what is needed to fix the problem.

Next, ensure that everything’s properly lubricated. Yes, again this seems like doing the obvious, but a screeching garage door is most likely doing that because of metal grinding against metal. Just take a can of grease and go along the entire track and make sure it and the rollers are all properly lubricated. This, alone, is likely to solve the problem.

If it doesn’t take care of the problem, then the noise could be caused by other parts grinding against each other. A bottle of garage door lube sprayed on the hinges and the torsion springs might just solve the problem.

The fourth, and next most likely, cause of a noisy garage door is because the part the gets the most wear in the whole thing is what’s gotten worn down: the rollers. Those little wheels see a lot of use and it’s a good idea to take a close look at them and see if any of them need replacing. If there are any that do, replace them and the noise is likely to go away.

If that garage door still sounds like nails on chalkboard every time it’s activated, then it’s time to replace the hinges. Every hinge has a part number that’s etched directly into the metal. Just write down that number, go to a hardware store, buy the needed number and then replace them in the garage. That can fix the problem, as well. If uncertain of the part number, take an old one to the store and get help finding the matching ones.

If all of these fixes fail, then consider calling a company that specializes in garage door repair in Vaughan to fix the problem.


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