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Best Choices in the House Moving and Packing


Choose your suitcases, soft bags or portable wardrobes to avoid wrinkling your clothes. Find our article on the packaging of your clothes by clicking on this link. For your sheets, quilts, pillows prefer vacuum bags to cartons. It is a good idea to prepare a box of essentials with the things you will need the first few days after you move in.

Little tip: If you want to protect your mattress and avoid dirt getting stuck in it during transport, use old sheets and blankets. Put one on top and another under the bottom.

For your jewelry

Protect your valuables

Much to our chagrin, jewelry tends to tangle like our headphones. Fortunately, there are inexpensive and easy solutions to prevent this from happening.

So be sure to use your old roll of toilet paper to keep them from getting tangled. Also use the egg boxes to store small jewels (earrings, bracelets), put adhesive tape to keep them on the walls. Are you best packing tips for moving? Then the options will truly surprise you.

Handling heavy objects

Distribute your stuff

We advise you to solidify your boxes with scotch tape by forming a cross at the bottom, whatever the objects to be transported and especially for the heavier ones. For books or clothes, prefer rolling suitcases. We don’t think about it, but piling up these things can quickly be very heavy. And in addition, it will prevent you from breaking your back.

Avoid loss

Think of plastic bags

For the screws and other bolts of your dismantled furniture, you can group them in envelopes or resealable plastic bags by noting which furniture they belong to to be sure not to lose anything. For unmounted furniture, our team wraps it at your home with plastic film so that the drawers do not open during transport.

Make room for order

Get organized

The preparation of your boxes is essential, we advise you to write down what they contain, if they are fragile and to differentiate them according to the room to which they belong.

We recommend that you use storage bins for your seasonal items. You can easily identify them and quickly put them in the garage or in the attic, since you only use them once a year. It is also a good opportunity to sort through your belongings, for that quickly consult our article on this subject: A move is the opportunity to sort out your belongings!

Escape from breakage

Don’t skimp on protections

For your fragile objects, it is important to pack them one by one in newspaper and if possible reinforce with bubble wrap, terry towels or old socks for glasses for example. Find out how to pack your fragile items well.

For bulky items, think of old blankets to protect your belongings as much as possible and use suitable boxes. You can reinforce the bottom of your boxes with bubble wrap for maximum security. It is also possible to indicate to the movers in which direction to take the box with the following mentions: “High ↑” and “Low ↓”.

Each box has its own content

Optimize storage

Use small boxes for your heavy stuff which will be more resistant and will not give way. On the other hand, for your lighter but bulky items, the large boxes will be more suitable. Even inside the box, the heaviest objects have their place at the bottom. Thus, no object will be crushed during the trip.