A Guide To Different Types Of Apartments And 2br Apartments In Keego Harbor

Looking for an apartment? Most probably you have checked more than one real estate jargon to get your suitable one. Different types of 2br apartments in keego harbor, mi differ from rent-stabilized flex apartments. Here is a comprehensive guide for different types of apartments. The guide will help you to get the right one. 


The studio apartments are made in an open floor plan. It consists of a single room with an attached kitchen, living space, and a separate room as a bathroom. There is a variation of studio apartments which includes alcove studio and convertible studio.

  • Alcove Studio: This is almost the same as a traditional studio. It has an L partition in the living space. You can keep here a nook or alcove as a bed and separate the area with a curtain. 
  • Convertible Studio Apartment: The convertible studio format is the same as the alcove one. The only difference is here you can build a wall in the larger living space than the alcove one.

Medium Apartments

This type of apartment can accommodate a small family or individuals. Here are different types of medium 2br apartments in keego harbor, mi are given below:

  • 2 Bedrooms: The floor has two separate bedrooms with at least one bathroom. Most of the time this type of apartment features/ ½ bathrooms.
  • Garden Apartment: The garden apartment is there on the ground floor to use the back yard or lawn of the building. 
  • Shotgun Apartment: The Shotgun apartment consists of one or two bedrooms. Here one room opened with the next one and forwarded to the outdoors. 

Low, Middle, And High Rise Apartment

Low, middle, and high rise apartments come with at least one elevator. The low rise apartments only consist of four to five floors while the mid-rise consist of five to twelve floors and the high rise consists of at least nine floors. Generally, low and medium-rise apartments are common in urban areas. 


The duplex looks like a single room but it consists of two separate units. Although each unit has its door. The units are separated with a wall in the middle. 

Final Word

Now you have got an idea about different types of apartments. Hope, now you can choose one as per your need. For detailed information about 2br apartments in keego harbor, mi and you are quite confused to choose one, and then come to us. We will give you the right guidance so that you can choose wisely.