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How easy is it to change a toilet seat

Toilet Seat Replacement

Plastic Toilet Seat

The installation of a new toilet seat is straightforward. Whether you are replacing an old, worn-out, or broken seat or want a unique style, the replacement procedure is an easy DIY job. Remove the old set and then place up the new one. Sometimes unbolting the old one can be a frustrating ordeal. Old bolts can be corroded and stuck that you can’t merely unbolt them. Usually, the bolts or nuts that are used to secure the seat are either plastic or metallic. Plastic ones don’t corrode, and it is easy to unscrew them off. Metallic ones are unscrewed using a screwdriver while holding the nuts underneath with a wretch. In situations where the nut won’t move, drench it with a penetrating spray lubricant. When replacing your toilet seat, the following is a simple guide that will show you how to do it by yourself:

Replacing Plastic Toilet Seats

Tools required

  1. An adjustable wrench or screwdriver
  2. Penetrating lubricants
  • How to Remove an Old Toilet Seat

Most seats are connected to the toilet by two bolts hidden by plastic caps at the back of the toilet seat. Work your way around and carefully remove the caps using a wrench or a screwdriver. After you have taken off the cap, you will see the bolts held firmly by wing nuts underneath the toilet. Using the pliers, grip nuts and unscrew the bolt-out using a screwdriver.

  • Fitting a New Plastic Toilet Seat

Once the old is out, install the new one. First, assemble your new one using the fittings provided when you were purchasing it. Follow instructions received from the manufacturer of how to do the assembling and make sure you are doing everything correctly. Tighten the fittings using your hands and be careful not to over tighten, you will probably adjust once you have fitted the new seat. Place it over your toilet and fit in the fittings well. Make sure it lies at the center of the bowl. Thread the bolts once the seat is appropriately lined up against the rim. Once you are satisfied that everything lines up well at the back, tighten the nuts with a wrench.

Replacing Wooden Toilet Seats

Tools required

  1. An adjustable wrench

Gather and assemble all the parts from the manufacturer’s box. The wooden toilet seats typically include components such as plastic washers, plastic nuts, a pair of threaded hinges, and threaded bolt-shanks. Place the threaded bolt shanks into the threaded hinge portions, and then slide the plastic washers. Position the bolt shanks through the bolt holes, and tighten the plastic nuts from the underside of the toilet using hands. Once you have grip tightened, then you can use the wrench to tighten further slightly. You should be careful not to over tighten as this can cause damage to both your new seat and toilet.
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