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Knowing the Different Types of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates provide admittance into a secured area and help manage vehicular movement on and off the site.These consist of two components – the gate and the gate operator. They are made of either fancy iron or steel material and are typically intended to coordinate the fencing nearby where the entryway is introduced. Whereas a gate operator is a mechanism that opens and closes the door. It is electrically-powered.

Automatic gates provide security, safety, and convenience to business sites and homes. It is a cost-effective solution that can save money. Automatic doors are considered added features to a house; thereby, it increases your home’s overall value. You will also have better chances of getting discounts from insurance companies as they notice the added protection installed in your home. It makes the gates beneficial not only for commercial applications but for domestic ones too. Automatic driveway gates, as the name indicates, is the smartest access control solution for the driveway.

Generally, there are four types of automatic gates, namely:

  • Swing Gates are hinged on one side and are typically used in residential applications due to minimal cost, ease of installation, and almost no maintenance. They can be designed with extra features and could be controlled by remote control.
  • Sliding Gates– They are more secure than swing gates. They exhibit a rigid design and have less vulnerable points and hence providing greater security. This type of gate requires rollers that could be blocked by snow and gravels;thus, regular maintenance is needed.
  • Bi-Folding Gates- This type of gate has a very short open and closing time. When space is an issue, go in for these gates. Along with all these advantages, the gate has several entrapment points making it vulnerable. Therefore it requires additional considerations.
  • Telescopic Gates- These gates are used when the space is limited, but security is essential. They can be installed only on even ground.
  • Barrier Arm Gate consists of a vertical barrier arm that can rotate from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. It is primarily used in parking facilities. This type of gate is used to control vehicles’ entries only as for a person it is easy to climb over the gate arm.

Automatic gates (Sydney) are also painted to make them aesthetically pleasing. Many companies imprint their logo of the organization on the gates. While choosing for any automatic gates, some considerations need to be looked upon. It could save you from unnecessary expenses and unexpected accidents. These considerations include:

  • Opening and closing speed of the gate
  • Duty cycle
  • Weight of the gate
  • Availability of space
  • Remote control

Installation of automatic gates in Sydney could be an expensive decision, but it will deduct any possibility of mishappening that could defame your company. If you cannot decide which gate would be best for your site, it is good to take advice from a professional engineer or a security consultant. He/she could communicate with you from start to finish and make sure you have the proper controls and equipment to fulfill your needs and the setup is simpler to use.