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5 ideas to install aim pendant lamps in your home

Good lighting in the home is extremely important. Thanks to it you can delimit spaces, generate a feeling of spaciousness, enhance some dark areas and even transmit feelings. For this reason, today we want to talk to you will know about aim pendant lamps. An essential complement in interior design projects that is not talked about very often, but that has its own role in the decoration of a house.

What are pendant lamps?

Pendant lamps are mainly ceiling lamps that, due to their function and design, fit better in some environments than in others. The truth is that today there are many models to choose from, which considerably broadens the range of options when choosing your aim pendant lamp.

These are the different types of ceiling lamps that exist today:

Environmental lamps: are those that are used to illuminate a room in a homogeneous way. They can be placed in any room in the house, as long as the type of light is adapted to the needs of each space.

Overhead lamps: these aim pendant lamps are designed to illuminate a specific area of ​​the room. This type of lighting is exactly the opposite of what is known as direct light.

Reading lamps: another type of pendant lamps are those that have been specially designed to illuminate a single specific point in the room. For example, a table, an armchair or a desk. They are perfect to have adequate light during the moment of reading.

Detail lamps: this kind of lighting has been designed to highlight special decorative elements or areas hidden by darkness. Detail lamps are small and tend to cast a rather dim or low intensity light.

Ideas to install pendant lamps in the home

Ceiling lamps have evolved considerably. Their designs are increasingly adjusted to the style of the house, making their choice easier and easier. These are some ideas that can help you find your ideal ceiling lamp.


The modern style pendant lamps are those that best fit with minimalist and industrial decorative styles. These lamps are made in straight lines and with little ornamentation or ornamentation. You can find them in a multitude of finishes and shapes. Individual or in groups. With or without screen.


For the most sober and elegant styles it is recommended ceiling lamps made by hand. For example, lamps with white porcelain lampshade. The texture of this lamp is unique, since it allows to offer different types of transparencies when turning on the light. You can find different models made in a wide variety of colors.