Important Tips to Buy the Right Bedsheet for Your Bedroom

With work-from-home becoming the new norm, more and more families have started spending time indoors. As a result, staying indoors has become an important part of our lives. Our bedrooms and living rooms have become a place of refuge and solace and honestly speaking, it can be a little bit difficult to break away from the monotony of it. Hence, it is important to choose the right furniture and bedding essentials for your apartment, including the right bedsheet. Investing in good quality bed sheets won’t just be a delight on the skin but will also spark joy in your lives.

However, there are many factors you must consider when it comes to finding the right bed sheet, and if you are wondering what exactly they are, then consider reading this post. Down below, we have attached a comprehensive guide that will help you pick the right bedsheets for your room.

Thread Count

Maintaining the thread count is extremely crucial as it defines how soft, durable and comfortable your bed sheet is going to be after long term usage. Thread count simply refers to the number of threads you can find in every square inch of the fabric. Thus, the higher count of thread also hints at the fabric that is closely knit. This will later translate into a cotton bedsheet which will withstand many washes as well as usages without even witnessing any sort of tear. Usually, regular single bed sheetshave somewhere between 300 to 500 luxury thread counts and 180 to 300 for average quality bed sheets.


The next most obvious factor about buying the right bed sheet is the hygiene quotient. We all lead very busy lives and as a result of that, it is impossible to change bed sheets on an everyday basis. However, whenever you let them stay on for 1 week, they tend to become like a hotbed for bacteria and germs. We spend approximately 8 hours on our bed daily and shed more than 15 million skin cells. Thus, these cells become extremely conducive towards the environment.

The good news, however, today is that you can find the best qualitybedsheets online with anti-bacterial and antiviral technology. The effective coating prevents the growth of microbes up to approximately 99%. Given the fact that everyone is at home these days and a deadly disease like COVID-19 is on the rise, it is important for families to invest indouble bed sheetsthat are free from germs and create a healthy environment at home.


Taking good care of your linen, especially the cotton bedsheet has always been a tedious and onerous task. Despite having washing machines, many laundries also choose a chore that we all can’t do without. Yes, there might be no immediate escape for this, but it does help leading brands offer new bedsheets with new offerings. Unlike most of the cottonbedsheets which need softeners, hydro bed sheets are also designed to become soft after washing. This also reduces the trouble of laundry washes and keeps your bedsheets from going untidy. You could also put the bedsheets in the washing machine during the weekend with some detergent and let the machine do its task.

Coordinate Your Bed

Coordination is an essential factor for all beds. Make sure to check out your bed and determine the style or the colors you use for decors. You can also see if the bedsheet coordinates with the headboard along with other factors on the bed. A lot of families don’t go for a perfect coordinated look, which is fine, but you can try matching the colors to make them look good.

Buying the right bed sheet definitely requires more than the basics. You have to consider all the innovative and technology-based features which most premium brands offer in order to ensure you get a good night’s rest. After all, a good quality bed sheet isn’t about just how you feel about things, but also about the health of your family members. This is true for all types of bedsheets, single bedsheets, king size bed sheets, double and cotton bedsheets. So regardless of what your requirement is, like changing your bedroom and giving it a fresh look or adding glamour to it, make sure you consider all the facts before purchasing bedsheets for yourself.