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3 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Lavish

When you come home after a long day at work, all you want is to pamper yourself to a nice bath. Nowadays, bathrooms are more associated with a form of leisure and self care. The ambience of the bathroom plays an important role in one’s mental health. The trick to have a good bathroom is not only having a luxurious bathroom and equipping aesthetic toiletries, but it is also more about the look and feel of the bathroom by playing with colors, lighting and patterns of the bathroom wall tiles. Speaking of which, here are some tips to make your bathroom look more lavish.

  1. Make separate areas with the wall tiles

You can customize your bathroom by the help of installing various wall tiles for making separate areas within the same room. Additionally, if your bathroom combines both a toilet and a shower space, then you can make a perception by separating both by installing different Carreaux Metro céramiquesporcelainewall tiles for both the sections. This trick also makes your bathroom look classier. For example, you can use dark wall tiles for marking the area surrounding the mirror and finish the adjoining wall with a lighter shade.

  1. You can use nature as your texture in bathroom tiles

For having a relaxing bath and experience spa effect in your own bathroom and to feel closer to the nature, you can tweak your boring bathroom tiles for making it seem like an outdoor bath by making the use of natural textures like bamboo, wood etc. This helps in making the environment soothing and peaceful and perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath.

  1. Using the same tile for walls and for flooring

This is the most classic style to use an optical illusion to make a bathroom seem more spacious and airy. This helps in making your bathroom look more classy and complete and also guarantees that the ambiance of the room is more compact and personal. For making this happen, you can choose the same light or dark shade or you can also go with the contrast shades variation of the wall tile shade for the flooring and vice versa. There are countless options but the outcome is just one. You get a customized bathroom that provides you a time of leisure and self care after a long day at work.