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You can choose the garden style that best suits your home and your personality

You can choose the garden style that best suits your home and your personality. The most suitable furniture for the garden is wood or iron, both for strength and for the finish that goes well with green areas. Wicker or sisal chairs and tables are also widely used in gardens for their aesthetic value. Both materials are very resistant and waterproof. You can also make furniture using pallets, boxes and tires. These materials harmonize well with gardens, in addition to giving a touch of sustainability to the place.

Even in a small garden it is possible to use furniture, paying attention only to the proportion of each one so that it does not hinder the circulation. Benches and chairs are great for relaxing and contemplating the garden, while the tables invite you for tea or a snack. The important thing is to make the garden cozy for you and your family.

Elements to compose the decoration

A garden doesn’t have to have only plants. Other elements combine very well with the environment and add a touch of warmth and comfort. Stones can create paths through the garden or serve as protection for the soil, allowing it to remain wet for a longer time. You can choose between traditional white stones or opt for river stones, for example. Water fountains are also a good choice for gardens. They bring calm and tranquility, providing a good moment of rest.

Vases are also indispensable items in the gardens. So choose them carefully and carefully. Clay or ceramic ones are very suitable, as they allow a better exchange of temperature and humidity between the earth of the vase and the external environment. They also help to create that rustic look to the garden. Garden loft or garden building brings usability to the garden. If you want to give your garden the best look, and usability, having a garden building is necessary. It could be a mini gym, mini coffee centre, and gathering with friends and family members. For more info check this site.


Artificial lighting is highly valued in landscape projects. It adds grace and charm to the garden at night. Currently, there are several ways for you to light up your garden. LED lamps are more suitable for being more resistant and economical. The colors of the lighting may vary, depending on the effect you want to cause. Yellowish lights are more welcoming, while colorful ones brighten the garden.

The lights can come on the floor, built-in and directed to the plants. In that case, it is advisable to light the larger plants to cause a more beautiful visual effect. There is also the option of using pedestals or mini poles to signal the way, or even using LED hoses to go around the garden, lighting it up completely.

External gardens enhance and enhance the beauty of the home. Because it is usually larger, this type of garden allows a more complete decoration with furniture and other elements. You can also compose the space with stones, vases and a larger mix of plants