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A front door is the main element of your house or apartment. Its choice must therefore be thought out and reflected and must be adapted to your situation. There are several characteristics to consider in order to make the best choice when it comes to guarding your security.

Before installing a door, it is important to talk to the best door supplier in Singapore for the right door choice.

What questions should you ask yourself when choosing your door?

Before rushing to DIY stores, it is important to take stock of your door, namely, the dimension. You will need to measure your old door to consider, for example, a standard door or a custom service. The standard measurement is 2.15 meters high, against 90 centimeters wide.Once the dimensions are known, it is essential to check the opening direction of your door, either the product folds to the left or to the right. This parameter is often forgotten and can lead to errors.

Don’t just focus on the aesthetic appearance of your future front door. In addition to this important parameter, we must not lose sight of the fact that the main mission of a front door is the protection of your place of life against break-ins and burglaries. It is also interesting to learn about the various possible services, in particular from one or more professionals. You will get benefits from hiring an expert for the purchase and installation of your front door. Make several quotes, in order to get the best rate.

Compare qualified carpenters near you

As the main function of the front door is to ensure your safety, it must be chosen with a high security lock. The burglar-proof lock deters criminals. A classification level includes the different resistance times of the lock:

  • A2P1 = 5 minutes
  • A2P2 = 10 minutes
  • A2P3 = 15 minutes

It is strongly recommended to favor an entrance door including shielding, either by installing a frame, most of the time metal, or by reinforcing the door itself. The door unit remains the best choice, it is composed of the frame and the door, grouped together in a single element. For glass doors, burglar-proof glazing remains the best option.

How to choose entrance doors?

The choice of a front door goes through six criteria to remember:

Aesthetic: choose a wooden or aluminum model. For a tighter budget, choose PVC.

Dimensions: check the dimensions of your old door.

Sense of openness: often forgotten, this criterion is very important.

Insulation: check the qualities of your future purchase, in particular good sound and thermal insulation and good sealing.

Security: do not neglect the lock which must be burglar-proof. You can improve security with a suitable alarm system connected to your door.

Standards: check that your front door has the required standards, with regard to security and the risk of burglary.


It is strongly recommended that you entrust the purchase and installation of your front door to a qualified professional, which will guarantee you quality work and personalized advice. Ask for the realization of several quotes, in order to obtain the best price.