Real Estate

What to look for prior to purchasing a house?

When you’re out there with your real estate agent, touring for houses, you may be obsessed with certain details like the size of the Porch out in the front or if it comes with a swimming pool but there are far more important components in establishing the value of a house.

You don’t want to be spending an exorbitant amount of money on repair or renovation so an ideal place should leave no room for such complexities.

Here are some pointers to gain clarity on the situation:

  • Roof condition

While looking for a house, inspect the condition of the roof. Why, you ask? Well, an average roof has to be replaced at the end of every twenty years or so and the expense runs into thousands of dollars. Do you really want to be faced with that kind of financial commitment?

  • Damage in the foundation of the house

Some minor issues like broken light fixtures or peeling wallpaper can be fixed easily with little money and effort but if there are problems in the foundation, then that’s a sizable amount of expenses you’ll be looking forward to. No one wants that kind of baggage. You can ensure if the foundation has been set right by checking evenness of the floor level. If you notice a dent or something, then do away with it.

  • Flooding?

It may seem very alluring to have a house right beside a body of water like a lake. We admit that it’s a stunning view but it also comes with the threat of flooding, especially during the rainy season. Also, do you have the insurance to cover such damage?

  • Mold or excessive weathering

If a house has been exposed to the harmful elements of nature for a prolonged time without proper upkeep, chances of wear and tear become that much higher. For instance, the paint may be peeling off. If there is water leakage in the pipes, mold would have begun to form around them. As you can see, house inspection is of paramount importance.

  • Insulation and conservation of energy

In a country like Canada which is cold all year round, house insulation is a key factor. You can save up on a tremendous amount of electricity by ensuring that the house is built to facilitate insulation. Alternatively, insulation material like a fireplace is installed in the house. There are agents like Papachristou real estate brokers who will steer you through the journey.