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Best Hardwoods for furniture


Hardwood is obtained from deciduous trees quite the opposite of softwood trees obtained from coniferous trees. Hardwoods are not only heavy but durable as well. Since hardwood has all effective qualities it can be one of the best choices for making furniture. Moreover, using hardwoods can ensure that furniture can last for a long time. 

Some of the most popular choices for making furniture include the following


Mahogany since a long time has been one of the most popular choices for building the furniture. It has rings and medium annual rings. Moreover, mahogany can be one of the best choices for carving because of its tan or reddish-brown colour. Moreover, Mahogany is extremely durable and can retain its shape for a long time. Swelling and shrinking of the wood can be extremely helpful. All the qualities of the wood eventually prevent resistance and decay, thereby proving to be one of the best choices for either cabinets or furniture. 


This light-coloured wood can easily resist shocks and is extremely durable. The high-durability of maple wood ensures that it can last for a long time. Moreover, the even-sized pores on Maple woods can provide fine texture and grain to the furniture. If you are looking for something in which the stains are prevalent, you should always opt for maple wood. 


Beech hardwood is rarely found around the United States and Canada. The color of beech, pale has contributed towards it being one of the most popular choices. Since beech is heavy, it can be used for constructing tools and chairs. Moreover, beech has fine and tight grains as well, thereby proving to be shock-resistant. Moreover, beech is low-maintenance as well because the stains can be easily cleaned. 


Oak is one of the most common and popular hardwoods used for developing fine and due furniture. The different varieties of oak, mostly white and red are easily available around the market in Europe and North America. Red Oak is popular as Black Oak but has a pinkish tone to it. Moreover, the white oak has a green tinge. Oak hardwood usually has large Rin and pores which is why the grains are easily available. One major advantage is that stains can be easily cleaned. 


Walnut woods are hard, strong and heavy. The Walnut woods are usually available in the market in their dark-chocolate brown colour. The straight grain of Walnut woods can provide great finishes. 

You can always search for wood from quality companies such as Spec Wood to make the best choice. However, make sure to check the quality of wood to make a better purchase.