What To Look For In A Janitorial Service For Your Office

Offices see a lot of foot traffic during office hours. And when a group of people stays in a confined space for the majority of the week, germs and bacteria can easily spread from one office cubicle to another. This is why when one employee gets a cold, eventually the entire office floor will catch it sooner or later.

Of course, sending the employee home until they are better helps minimize the spread of bacteria, but that alone isn’t enough. All offices must have a reliable commercial janitorial service cleaning and maintaining their space. For those who haven’t a hired janitorial services, Boise, Idaho company here’s a guide to help you find the best service provider:

Ask How Long They Have Been In Business

It is always in your best interest to hire a janitorial service that has at least a few years of experience. While there is no harm in hiring novices, experienced janitors tend to deliver better results as a whole.

Do They Have Experience In Your Line Of Business?

When interviewing potential janitorial services, Boise, Idaho companies inquire whether or not they have done work for businesses similar to yours. This is very important for laboratories, clinics, and other industries that require specific cleaning methods to maintain high standards of sanitation.

Are Employees Screened?

Janitors are given access to the office during off-hours where no one is around. It is best if the service provider does background checks, drug tests, and other necessary employee screening to ensure their janitors are trustworthy and credible employees.

Level Of Employee Training

While cleaning an office may sound like a mundane job that anyone can do, janitors should also be trained. Ask the potential janitorial company if they invest in training their employees before dispatching them for work. Trained janitors are more likely to do a thorough and correct job of cleaning the office instead of doing everything haphazardly.

Are Night And Weekend Services Available?

Most janitorial services operate when the office building is empty. This usually means after closing or during the weekends. While this is common practice for service providers, never assume. Always ask if they offer this type of service and if it will cost extra, just so that you have all the facts.

In many cases, working during the weekend and night time can cost more since they are odd hours. As long as the janitorial staff can do a better job cleaning when the office is empty, the added cost should be worth every penny.

Are The Tools, Equipment, And Materials Included?

Again, another assumption that should never be made. It is best to ask the janitorial company if they provide all the necessary tools and materials needed for the job. Some companies opt to provide their cleaning equipment as a way to cut down on costs.

While other companies might offer a discount if the materials are provided, it is not a guarantee for all. It is best discussed with the service provider before signing a contract.

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