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What To Do With Your RV in the Winter when indoors

If you are like many RV owners, you tend to use your RV in the spring, summer and fall. During cold winter months, you may worry about it falling prey to neglect, especially if you live where winter storms drop several inches of snow at a time, or high winds rip through the area on a regular basis. You love traveling in your recreational vehicle, but what can you do with it in the offseason?

Find Proper Storage

If you have room on your property, simply buy a durable cover and park your RV for the winter. If that is not the case, or you would prefer to use your yard differently, find another option for RV parking Lodi that provides protected, monitored, safe storage. If you cannot find a satisfactory storage solution, you may worry about your RV all winter long.

Rent it Out

Motorhomes for rent are in high demand in certain areas. Brokers and specialty companies connect owners of Class A and C vehicles with touring entertainers, international business executives, festival coordinators and vacationers. Rental companies take a commission each time they arrange a rental, but many also provide maintenance and cleaning services.

RVs of every kind can be rented out via a peer-to-peer online marketplace. There are risks involved, since renters may not be highly experienced towing travel trailers and fifth wheel models. However, your RV may bring in enough income over the winter to pay for owning and operating it the whole year.

Go on Vacation

Who says you cannot RV in the winter? If you prefer not to camp in the cold, head south. Arizona and Florida are extremely popular with RV travelers, which means that there are plenty of RV campgrounds, but you may need to reserve your spot months in advance. The Rio Grande Valley in Texas offers plenty of affordable options; check to see if hurricanes have affected the area.