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The Best Ratio of Design Doors: your interior designer will make the right choice

Once again we wanted to write a useful post at the forefront. A list of the best design doors that we can find. For this reason we wanted to share with you some of the doors that are accompanying us in our most special designs. Consult with a good interior designer to determine which door design goes with your interior decoration.

Flush Design Doors

Flush is a complete system that allows spaces to be configured without sacrificing the transparency of the glass. It is characterized by its minimalist profile with a rectangular section. It is ideal when you want to obtain large movable walls while maintaining a clean line with a single pane. A complete system that meets multiple projects needs from the classic casement or hidden sliding door, to large sliding panels. Among its possibilities are including or not a frame, the option of being flush to the wall, the profile finish in aluminum, bronze, champagne or black, and 53 glass or panel finishes.

Deluxe Design Doors

A complete 360 degree system, deluxe profiles admit both single and double glass and wood panels, to give us maximum freedom in our designs. It is a design door that gives the space an appearance of luxury and exclusivity, resulting both fine and elegant. With its profile in “T” the vision of it is minimal. It has 4 profile finishes and 72 glass or panels. It is characterized by the assembly of a single aluminum profile that, being able to be positioned both horizontally and vertically, gives it extreme design freedom.

Design Sliding Doors in Industrial Style

They are the elegance and geometry of the early twentieth century for a complete system that adapts to any requirement in our projects. The system is inspired by the industrial sliding doors of the early 20th century, giving us back the tradition in a contemporary context. Elegant aluminum crossbars are added to a minimalist rectangular profile that forms elegant geometric games, admitting the combination of different types of glass. In addition, this system admits from the classic folding or hidden sliding door, to large dividing walls. Like the previous collections, it is available in endless finishes.

A Japanese Design Door

The RI-trait 8B system is inspired by typical Japanese partition systems. Aluminum crossbars are added to a minimalist and light profile that form an elegant vertical and horizontal framework. It can be used for swing doors, concealed sliding doors or sliding and dividing walls. Available in more finishes than we can imagine.

Integra: The Flush Door

Integra is the answer to the demands of designs that require a door flush on both sides. It thus achieves a continuous effect by perfectly integrating the door into our architecture. Thanks to its solid aluminum structure, it allows to include on both sides all kinds of coatings and finishes. This system allows you to create large frameless glass sliders: a light structure that gives prominence to reflections and the transparency of the glass.