What is Brown Patch Lawn Disease

Brown Patch Lawn Disease

A person can work hard to get their lawn green and plush but this can be ruined with a simple fungus. Brown patch lawn disease is a fungus that can affect the lawn during the summer months when the weather is hot and humid. This disease will affect the plant at the roots and lead to the grass turning brown. Brown lawn disease can be treated and a person can get their green and healthy lawn back.

Killing the Fungus

To treat the brown patch lawn disease a person will need to start with a fungicide. The fungicide should contain chlorothalonil or daconil which can be used to treat the brown patches and kill the fungus right away. As soon as the product comes in contact with the fungus it will be killed. A person should apply this to their lawn and then allow the lawn to rest. They should then repeat the treatment in seven days to make sure the fungus is completely whipped out. The fungicide should be applied to the area of the brown patches and six feet around the infected area. The lawn will not automatically go back to green but the fungus will be killed. This will allow the lawn the chance to recover. With proper lawn management, the grass can begin to repair itself.

After Care

Once the fungus is killed proper lawn care is essential. It is important not to over fertilizer the lawn. Only a very light application of fertilizer is needed to help the lawn recover. To prevent the fungus from spreading do not mow the lawn after it has rained or while the grass is still wet. Remove the grass clippings from the lawn after it has been mowed. The clippings will still contain the fungus and this can lead to the fungus spreading to the healthy grass. Once the treatment has been completed a person can continue their lawn care routine.


There are some preventative measures that a person can take to prevent brown patch lawn disease. There are slow-release formulas that are designed to prevent the growth of fungus and to prevent brown patch lawn disease from forming. The slow-release formula should be used during hot and humid weather. It can also be used in areas that have been known to have an outbreak of this fungus. This formula should be applied to the lawn at the hottest times during the year and at least a week before the start of the summer season.

There are some other simple things that a person can do to prevent brown patch lawn disease. The lawn should not be watered during the late afternoon or evening hours. If the water is not fully absorbed and sits on the grass all night this can lead to an outbreak of the fungus. A person should water their lawn during the morning hours. This will give the grass the entire day including the hottest part of the day to absorb this water.

It is important not to put too much fertilizer on the lawn. If the fertilizer is high in nitrogen this can lead to the development of fungus. A person should also read the directions before applying fertilizer to their lawn. When it comes to the grass, less is often more. Only a small amount is needed for a great lawn.

Brown patch lawn disease can lead to an unsightly lawn. With some basic lawn care and maintenance, a person can prevent the spread of this lawn disease and treat it effectively so they can have a great looking lawn once again.