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Amazing bathroom remodeling ideas and recommendations

Bathrooms are the famous remodeling projects amongst most homeowners. Since they are smaller than kitchens, it is much quicker and easier. Furthermore, the small space equals lower cost, less carpeting and paint as needed, fewer cabinets, and a smaller countertop. To make your bathroom remodeling more appealing while allowing the process to be fast and smooth, contact bathroom renovation Dubai.

If there is less space, do not build out, instead build in.

Buildings like medicine cabinets, recess to soap dishes, toilet roll holders, etc., can squeeze out every inch of space in case of cramped bathrooms. Extra spaces can be built into the wall itself. You can also change the ceiling light opt for recessed light to make it flatter.

Bathroom ventilation

Every bathroom needs proper ventilation. You can add ventilation by either adding an exhaust fan or a correctly sized window. Examine the exhaust capacity and the noise levels of the bathroom fans. Due to the confined bathrooms, even a moderately noisy fan can seem too loud.

Floating shelf

You can install a floating shelf to provide a home for the trailer plans.



Do not go for solid wood floors. Even though they add character, they are not practical. Instead, go for a durable flooring enough to withstand the demands of regular use. You can opt for vinyl planks, vinyl tiles, or ceramic and porcelain tiles. From the angle of waterproofing, sheet vinyl flooring is the best. Single sheet vinyl can easily floor a cramped bathroom and eliminate seams.

Change the room size by changing the color.

Before you paint the bathroom ceiling, think hard about the color. Make sure the color palette is in the light spectrum to make your small bathroom look larger. Dark hues make rooms look smaller and narrow. Go for light-colored or white fixtures, like the bathtub and the toilet. It is better to opt for off-white or white since these will expand the space.


Lighting is most often concentrated exclusively in the region where people need to evaluate their features and hair. You can opt for a ceiling fixture and keep the light dim in all the other regions of the bathroom. You can also use scones to eliminate the region surrounding the bathroom mirror.

Add standalone pieces

Many house decorators recommend opting for one freestanding piece like a beautiful cabinet or chair, depending on the design of the bathroom. You can also add cloth hampers in another room, depending on the bathroom space. Check out WOODGreen UAE for all your bathroom needs.

Increase the places where items can be hung.

Hooks are the easiest way to increase the amount of space in a bathroom without installing a countertop. Hooks can be present either behind the bathroom door, cupboard sites, or walls. Everything from bathrobes to towels can be hung on hooks.

Increase the number of mirrors

Most people think of mirrors in the washroom as a place to check their appearance. However, mirrors can enlarge the bathroom space and add more light to it.