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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Deck

You might think you can install a deck and never worry about it again. Though you do not have to worry about it constantly, some basic maintenance throughout the year will extend the life of your deck by years, if not decades.

Whether you have a wooden deck or one made from composite decking components, this article will provide some essential maintenance tips to keep your patio safe and pleasant to look at. Continue reading to learn more.

Use a Pressure Washer Sparingly

People love to overdo it with the pressure washer, but it can cause some severe damage to your deck. You are blasting water at hundreds of pounds per square inch, and most finishes cannot stand up to that power. Keep the nozzle moving and try not to get too close with the spray. You only have to use the pressure washer once, maybe twice per year. Regular sweeping and a hose will do just fine for most cleaning.

Soak With a Solution Once Per Year

Speaking of cleaning, your deck should get a deep clean at least once per year. Find out the appropriate solution for your patio and wait until the humidity is low and you have around 70-degree weather. Doing this once a year will kill mold and other things that cause your deck to rot.

Avoid Bleach

You might want to pour bleach on moldy spots on your deck. However, this will ruin the beautiful coloring in your wood or bleach composite material white. Stick to less caustic cleaners and if some boards have too much mold, opt to replace the wood rather than bleach it to death.

Many people treat their decks like nothing can hurt them, but the truth is you need to be considerate when using and cleaning them. They can take a pounding from weather and foot traffic, but you should also do some preventative maintenance to keep your deck looking good for years to come.