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How To Renovate Your Outdoor Seating Areas

Many people enjoy sitting outside during the warmer months. They may decorate their decks or porches and purchase special outdoor seating so that they can host parties. In the winter, these amenities often go unused and can deteriorate from the cold and snow. If your outdoor décor looks a little ragged, follow these tips to plan your renovations before the weather gets warm again.

Include Lighting

Watching the sunset is a fun activity, but sometimes you want to stay outside when it’s dark. Candles are a unique way to bring some light to your conversations, but they require the supervision of small children and can sometimes be blown out by the wind. You could also get custom exterior lighting to provide the perfect electric illumination for your style.

Refresh Your Seating

Outdoor seating is enjoyable but does tend to get dirty. If you have a couch outside, make sure that the cushions are water-resistant and replace them when they become faded or deteriorated from the sun. Wooden or plastic benches and chairs with waterproof coatings simply need a thorough washing every spring. Painting these pieces of furniture is another good way to freshen up their appearance.

Pick Centerpieces

If your deck or porch provides excellent views of nature or city skylines, you might not need any decorations. However, you can still pick centerpieces for tables that will survive exposure to the elements. These could include polished rocks, candleholders and sturdy sculptures. You can also find tablecloths that are waterproof to match any cushions on your chairs. Don’t forget to bring these decorations inside before major storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

Don’t let your outdoor furniture and decorations become so old and dirty that you are embarrassed by them. Make your exterior living space somewhere you want to spend your time by planning your renovations before spring comes.