Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are red and black colored bugs. They are not dangerous or destructive, but they are very annoying. These bugs are usually found in clusters, and they look very creepy. 

If you ever see one boxelder bug in your house, be prepared to see more, as these species do not travel alone. You should get immediate help to get rid of them, or they might take over your apartment. Professional pest control Live Oak, TX can provide you with an effective solution to wave goodbye to these bugs permanently. 

Handy tips and tricks to eliminate Boxelder bugs

  1. Spraying the bugs with the dish soap:

Suppose you find a large group of elder bugs in a cluster. Mix the dish soap into a water bottle and spray the mixture upon the cluster. Spraying the dish soap with water will saturate the bugs entirely, which results in their death. Soap water acts as repulsive for the box elder bugs.

  1. Clearing the large surface with dish soap:

Boxelder bugs commonly aggregate or form colonies on warm, heat-reflective surfaces where they can absorb the heat. Once they start gathering on the building or surfaces, they migrate inside. Cleaning the surface with the cleaning solution will help in repelling the bugs and preventing them from returning. Cleaning the surfaces will also help wash the pheromones that box elder bugs secrete.

  1. Using the vacuum:

If you have found boxelder bugs, use the vacuum to vacuum up the bugs immediately so they cannot damage the clothing, curtains, or other surfaces. After sucking up the boxelder bugs with a vacuum, throw out the bag immediately, or they might crawl back in the house. Moreover, use soap water to clean the area immediately after removing the bugs.

  1. Sealing and replacing the ill-fitting electrical cover plates:

The box bugs are attracted to the heat, and they frequently end up making their colonies in the electrical switches, heating ducts, or electrical outlets. The presence of flat bodies allows them to squeeze under the poorly attached plates or get detached from their position.

  1. Trimming the box elder trees:

Box bugs are found near the seed-producing box elder trees. Cutting the tree will reduce the number of box elder trees around the house, or if you are not able to cut the tree, try to trim the area daily, which helps prevent them from growing.

What to do if you still have box elder bugs infesting your house? 

Once you have tried all the tips mentioned and still have bugs wandering around your house. You might consider getting a professional pest control treatment. Pests experts are well aware of the sources of infestation, what attracted them to invade your home and more. Professional help will not only eliminate the box bugs it will also prevent their reinfestation.