Things You Can Do Before Calling an Emergency Plumber near You

The emergency plumber services cost more than the usual service as they charge high standard rates. Still, it is in your best interest to use the plumbing help as the plumbing requires the expertise. Before you call an emergency plumber near you, should you do something that can help ease the situation? Here are a few steps that you can follow in case of a plumbing emergency:

Shut Down the Water Supply

Leakage is the most common plumbing issue for which many call the emergency plumbers. There can be a lot of chaos in the case of a broken water supply line at your home. In case you are facing leakage issues at your home like overflowing toilets or washing machine, you need to turn off the water supply at your house. It helps you to stop the leakage and avoid the flood situation. 

Find Out Who Is Responsible For Repair

Before you call an emergency plumber near you to fix the broken underground pipe or sewer line, you need to determine who is responsible for the repairs. Depending on the pipe involved and location of breakage, your local water utility may be liable for the problem and can be the ones responsible for repairs. You need to inform them immediately and handle the situation. 

Check for Frozen Pipe

Frozen pipes are a common problem for the houses in a colder climate. You can try to figure out if you are dealing with the frozen pipe by looking for the following signs –

  • Loss of water pressure
  • No water pressure at all

If you notice such signs at your house, you should call the plumber. If left unnoticed, a frozen pipe can lead to rupture, which can cause a lot of menaces.  Never try to fix the frozen pipe yourself, as you might not be the right kind of person to handle such problems. 

Evacuate In Case Of Raw Sewage

Raw sewage is the life-threatening problem that you need to resolve as quickly as possible. The raw sewage is a threat to health as it is a biohazard. In such a case, you need to evacuate your house. Longer you wait worse situation becomes, as more sewage backup and infiltrates your house.  The situation requires you to call immediately for an expert plumber that can handle such situations.

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