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What Does a Building Inspection Checklist Includes?

Building inspection is not at all a simple job. There are multiple phases to this job and the inspectors need to meticulously scan the entire house to create the inspection report. Even if a spot is missed, the results can be drastic and it can ultimately impact the purchase decision about the property. Hence, to not miss out on any spots, here is a checklist prepared, which will ease the inspection work. 

Aisles, corridors, hallways, stairwells

These are the places which need the most focus during the time of inspection. These areas must be cleared off first to facilitate easy inspection. The furniture placed here causes the most obstructions and it is best to place them in some other locations. 


Exits must be clear to everyone. This area should be free of any obstacles and must offer an easy passage in times of emergencies. The clearer this area is, the better it will be for the inspection process. 


This is often a very neglected area in most of the new property purchases. The housekeeping area must be hygienic and sanitised for the betterment of the next residents. This area must be put through regular inspections and maintenance in order to ensure complete safety. 

Electrical and mechanical rooms

These are very important points in a residence and they should always be in their best forms. Any discrepancies in the functioning of these rooms can impact the functioning of the entire residence. The inspection must thoroughly check the health of these areas and ensure there will be noy trouble after moving in. 

Electrical cords

The inspections will check if there are any tripping hazards related to the electrical cords. These can be life threatening and only thorough inspection can check for their existence. Also, the inspector will run through any other damages in the electrical wirings and alert you at the soonest. 


All the sockets inside the property must be operating properly and should not be hazardous to handle. A secure cover plate should be present in it. The sockets must be properly fastened to the wall and there must be no loose connections. 


Many areas of the walls might be dampened and might be covered with paint or wallpaper. Only thorough inspection can reveal it. It is best to repair these areas before moving in. 

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