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Things to Know About Septic Excavation

Excavating and installing septic systems can be stressful. However, understanding the process can significantly reduce your stress. Therefore, before searching for “septic tank excavation Cortlandt Manor NY,” consider learning more about septic tank excavation.

Inspections and Testing

Septic system maintenance will extend the life of your system, but at some point, you may need to replace your tank. Whether you need a new system or your old system needs to be replaced or repaired, your septic location needs to be analyzed. Your current system will be inspected to determine the system type, layout and reason for its failure. This inspection reduces the chances that your land, pipes or other underground assets will be damaged.

A soil test will follow to ensure that it drains properly, preventing sewage from collecting in your yard. This test also lets the excavator know what to expect during the dig.


A quality contractor will then develop an excavation and installation plan. You will be informed about the process, its duration and what to expect. The plan should include safety measures to prevent land contamination and damage. Your contractor will determine how deep to excavate based on whether you have a current system or just need a new system. Depth will also be evaluated to ensure that your waste moves effectively from your home to your tank. In addition, traffic over your tank will determine its depth. The weather may also affect your tank’s depth.

Removal and Installation

It may take a few days to excavate your old system and install a new tank. Your contractor must adhere to all local regulations, which may require additional time based on your location. In addition, your removal and installation may be affected by soil conditions and system size.

Millions of homes use septic systems to treat their waste. These systems prevent groundwater, well and land contamination, but they require care and maintenance and may require replacement every few decades. Select a reputable contractor to inspect, maintain and replace your septic system.