3 Tips for Protecting Hardwood Floors

You have beautiful hardwood floors in your home. Whether they’re original to the house or you recently had them installed, you know how important it is to keep them looking nice, but do you know how? You keep pads underneath of your furniture and your dog’s toenails trimmed and, at least once per year, you hire wood floor cleaning services Turnersville NJ to come and clean your floors professionally. Here are three tips for protecting your hardwood floors.

  1. Catch Spills Quickly

While maintaining your Hardwood Flooring Resurfacing gig harbor wa is important, you still have to live your life. Don’t sweat if you spill a little water or some soup, but do clean them up quickly. In particular, anything containing oil can cause staining, so don’t let spills sit. Keep a protective layer under your house plants and move your pet’s water dish to a different surface.

  1. Adopt a No Shoe Policy

Tracking in mud doesn’t do nice things to your floors, but neither do the little pebbles that catch in your shoe’s treads. Dirt and debris caught in your shoes can scratch your floors right beneath your toes. Have a drop zone for shoes, or at the very least, a run for guests to wipe their feet on.

  1. Clean Regularly

If you insist on vacuuming your hardwood floors, be very cautious about choosing your vacuum cleaner. A safer, scratch-less option is a broom with a microfiber cloth to clean up dust. You can also use a damp cloth and special hardwood sprays to clean your floors, just be sure to test any new cleaners in a corner or under a rug. For best results, consult with a professional. Look for companies that understand the importance of an eco-friendly, dry cleaning method for the safety of your floors and your family.

Maintaining your hardwood floors can be a breeze if you follow a few simple steps.