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Your car has been locked, but the car key is still in it or is still in contact. In that case, your keys are locked in and you cannot open the car from the outside to get to your key ring. Not for nothing that a lot of people look for methods to unlock their car every day without having to use their car key or wireless transponder.

Here are some tips to get your car locked if your doors are locked, but your keys are still inside your car.

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Car key in closed car: tips & solutions

Has your car door been locked, but is your car key still in your closed car? Then your car keys are locked in and you are locked out. Fortunately, there are effective tips and tricks available for reclaiming car keys. Slightly dependent on the type of car you drive and the type of unlocking that your car is equipped with. The auto locksmith alabaster happens to be the smartest deal here.

Hereby the most frequently used methods and techniques to reclaim a car key from a closed car.

Obtain a spare key

The keys are on the passenger seat or are still in the ignition of your locked car. Have you received a spare key with your car or have you ever had one made? Then consider leaving your car with the car key embedded in it to collect your spare key at home.

Is your spare car key not within walking distance and is there no public transport nearby? Then call someone who can come and bring your spare key.

Consult the dealer

Have you manually dropped your car in the lock? Or has the car locked itself automatically? Then it may be advisable to consult your car dealer. Possibly the dealer has a mechanical or electronic trick to unlock your type of car from the outside. For almost every car type there are technical gadgets that can be used to unlock a car.

Dealers are aware of ‘their’ cars like no other because they are usually in direct contact with the car manufacturer.

Call in the roadside assistance service

Have you taken out breakdown assistance insurance that also covers ‘abandoned car keys’? Then you can of course simply call in a roadside assistance service to open your car for free. Without having to force things unnecessarily.

Last Words

Locksmith singapore that could help you with the exclusion of your car include ANWB (Roadside Assistance) , Allianz Global Assistance, Glad That I Drive, Route Mobile. For each of these car breakdown assistance services, car keys left in the locked car are also insured for the time being.