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The Apartment or Condominium – Which one to Choose?

If you are confused about choosing between the apartment and condominium on your journey of renting, obviously the primary question of cost comes to your mind first, which is expensive, and which is cheaper? Is the apartment less expensive or the condominium? Ultimately, the answer is a condominium. The condos are cheaper because they have less and smaller spaces such as smaller bathrooms, less and smaller bedrooms, and overall less square feet spaces. On the other hand, the single or multiple-family residential apartments have multiple and larger bathrooms, bedrooms and spacious other rooms with more square feet areas. However, both condominiums and apartments have their own pros and cons. Get the assistance of Louis 14 condo à louer in order to compare between the apartment and condominium and take help from their professionals to choose and avail the best with affordable cost from between the two.

The condominium is a form of private residences in a building which are or each of unit of which building is owned by individual residents but the common spaces such as roof, lobby, hallways, driveway, elevators, pools, landscaping, fitness centre, tennis courts etc. are owned by shared ownership of the entire condominium community or residents collectively. Each unit normally has a distinct and clear structure and the owner of each unit is the landlord of the condo. However, the owner of the individual may not have full ownership of his or her unit such as he or she does not have ownership over the exterior wall of the unit.

Every condominium has an HOA comprising all individual unitholders as members and the covenant or the agreement of the condominium comprises a set of rules and regulations. The HOA generally elect a governing body or managing committee along with office bearers who oversee the management of the condominium, usages of the amenities and maintenance of a condominium.

On the other hand, the apartments are usually a part of a building comprising individual single or multiple-family residential units. The apartments are organized sometimes by the community of the apartments or often managed by professional companies. The apartments in a building are normally constructed and designed in the same way with similar layouts, decorations and amenities. One important difference between the apartment and the condominium is that the apartments are managed by professional companies so that if something goes wrong you will get it corrected immediately. On the other hand, the condominiums are managed by HOA and it takes time to correct if something goes wrong.