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Most Effective Use of the méduse pendant light

The suspensions are perfect for providing overhead lighting (which comes from above) and can be installed in all the living rooms of the house.

Alone, in rigorous repetition of aligned or clustered modules, the suspensions are available in a wide choice of finishes and formats! And in terms of layout and styles; pendant lights and chandeliers are available in multiple style palettes. A modern méduse pendant light for the kitchen? Can there be a pendant light above a bar or an industrial pendant light for the dining room or a designer pendant light for the living room?

It is often the centerpiece of your space, it would be a question of not making a mistake. Follow the leader.

Suspension bar, What are we talking about?

This concept of suspensions revolves around an elongated structure distributing several lights or a single diffuser, often LED.

The suspension bars with their slender shape allow to diffuse a powerful and comfortable overhead light, they are perfectly suited to counters, bars and worktops and can also be associated with a rectangular dining table.

Cluster or multi-light suspensions

These suspensions offer great modularity and allow you to play with the lengths of cables to perfectly adapt the height of the diffusion.

Grouped around a single electrical outlet, they are perfectly suited to reception areas, offices or entrances and will also be suitable for lighting a staircase hopper.

Suspensions aligned in a row: Why?

Used in repetition of rigorously aligned modules, row suspensions will bring a very architectural graphic touch to your interior.

Suspensions in a row will naturally find their place above a counter, a desk or a dining room table, you can also use them to decorate a distribution corridor.

Pendant lights

Spectacular, the suspensions of very large formats upset conventions and our relationship to space; the giant luminaire becomes a light sculpture and makes a remarkable entry into your reception areas.

Contrary to popular belief, these exceptional modules are not only reserved for oversized spaces, pendant lights allow you to play with codes and proportions and make your interior a truly unique place!