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3 Ways to Make Your Light Switches Easier to Find

Light switches are meant to blend seamlessly with your décor. But sometimes, they blend a bit too well. If you have poor eyesight that makes it difficult to find your switches during the day, or if you’re tired of fumbling to find them at night, there are a few options available to you. Keep reading to learn three different ways that you can make your light switches easier to find.

Oversized Switch Plates

If your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and you need a little extra help finding the switches on your walls, an oversized switch plate may be just what you need. With a larger switch plate, you’ll be able to find the switches faster and do less fumbling around on the wall.

Oversized switch plates may not make the switches much easier to see in the dark, but they make it easier to feel where the switches are. You probably have an idea of where your switches are. When you reach out blindly in the dark, your fingers likely touch the wall close to where the switch is, and you fumble until you feel the plate and find the switch. With a larger wall plate, you’ll find that switch that much faster.

Contrasting Colors

Maybe you have a hard time finding your light switches because they blend a bit too seamlessly with your walls. While having your switch plates match your paint or your wallpaper can be an excellent design choice, if it interferes with your ability to find the switches, it’s a problem. Switch them out for a color that contrasts with the wall paint instead.

If you have dark walls, white wall plates may be what you need. But if you have white walls or another light color, you might want black or another dark color to make those plates stand out. When the colors contrast enough, you may even have an easier time finding them in the dark.

Lighted Switch Plates

If finding your switches in the dark is your primary problem, there’s a simple solution: lighted switch plates. You can find wall plates that have a small light recessed into the rim. The gentle glow can be precisely what you need to locate those switches in the dark quickly. Just don’t use these in the bedroom if you have a hard time falling asleep with any kind of light. But they can still be perfect for living spaces and bathrooms when you need to get up for a late-night snack or trip to the toilet.

All 3 of these light switch cover options can make it easier to find your switches.