Making Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Moving away from your hometown to go to college can be an incredibly exciting, but also slightly nerve-wracking time. Going to college may be the first time you will spend an extended period away from your childhood home, but it is easy to make your new dorm feel just like home as well. 

Bedding & Decor

Most college dorm rooms come with a standard twin size bed Manila AR, a dresser, a closet and a desk. Before you arrive at your dorm make sure to buy proper fitting bedding and any decor you plan to hang in your room. If you are living with a roommate, you may choose to coordinate with them to make your spaces flow together.

Many college freshmen will choose to come with a collection of high school pictures and memorabilia. While one of the best parts of college is meeting your new lifelong friends, it is perfectly normal to still keep old memories with you.

Snack Bins

While you may have access to a variety of dining halls and convenient store food options, keeping your favorite foods stashed away in your room is another great way to make you feel at home. There is nothing better than coming back to your dorm after a late night of studying and knowing you can dig into your snack bin. 

You will want to check your dorm descriptions to see if you have a microwave and/or refrigerator available to you to help you decide what food to bring. Depending on the campus, getting to a grocery store to buy snacks may not be all too feasible, so be sure to come stocked when you move in. 

No matter whether you are feeling excited, scared or a mix of both creating a welcoming space in your dorm room will help make sure you have a great start to your college experience!