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Things You Should Know About Metal Refinishing, Home Improvement

In your daily life, you are surrounded by metal. For example, you may use elevators or have metal tools, fixtures and furniture. You may find that great metal antique that would look amazing in your backyard or showcased on your mantle. Unfortunately, metal can rust, tarnish or become otherwise damaged, and you may have to decide if it is worthwhile to have it fixed through metal refinishing Manhattan NY.

Metal Refinishing

Minor metal damage, such as the damage the metal receives from everyday use, may be polished to restore its shine. In addition, brushes and cleaning may remove slight imperfections in the surface of the metal. For example, welding slag can be removed using wire brushing. Chemicals and acid baths may clean oil residue from your piece.

However, major refinishing involves the application of a thin layer of a similar or complementary metal is placed on the outside of the product. Your metal may also be ground, vibrated, blasted and heat treated, depending on the type of damage you want repaired. Finally, your metal may be coated or hot blackened to prevent corrosion or add a decorative finish.

When Not to Refinish

Some people like the look of a well-worn metal item, such as old, rusty patio furniture, while others like their metal to look fresh and new. In addition, antiques may lose their value if they are refinished.

Company Choice

Choose a refinishing company with experience in the industry and with your type of item specifically. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand, including the finishes you can choose from. If your piece needs to be repaired in addition to being refinished, you should ask whether this service is available from the same provider. Finally, get multiple estimates that include detailed explanations of everything that will be done to your piece.

Your metal items can be restored to look like new. If you have metal items you want to see restored, contact a few local refinishers and go over your options.