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Maintaining Your Bio-Safety Cabinet Home Improvement

Those who work in research and development know that safety and cleanliness are of the utmost importance, as workers can be at risk of exposure and cross-contamination can lower data integrity. Bio-safety cabinets allow workers to conduct research developments in a safe, self-contained space, and regular bio-safety cabinet testing can help ensure researchers are protected while obtaining accurate results.

How Does It Work?

There are different classes of bio-safety cabinets, each with a different level of protection. In general, higher classes are rated for more dangerous or contagious agents. All cabinets work in similar ways, though. Filtered, contaminant-free air enters the cabinet, which then exits at the back of the structure. This steady, gentle, and controlled flow keeps you and your environment from being exposed to the agents within the cabinet. Higher-class bio-safety cabinets are completely enclosed, which means you are always protected by a physical barrier. Materials that are rated as high-risk, such as infectious and deadly diseases, go through an air-lock system that prevents you from being exposed.

What Gets Tested?

Bio-safety cabinet testing is extremely important because you need to be able to ensure that your cabinets are working properly. Faulty equipment can unknowingly expose you and your environment to hazardous materials. As part of regular maintenance, a company that specializes in bio-safety cabinet testing should calibrate the airflow, check for physical damage, and test the integrity of the HEPA filters. The latter is especially important because safety and environmental regulations must be considered. The filters trap contaminants and keep them from leaking out into the lab or outside the facilities. Unfortunately, filters do not last a lifetime, so they will have to be tested and, if necessary, replaced.

If you use bio-safety cabinets in your lab, don’t hesitate to call the experts. They’ll ensure your equipment is maintained properly and your safety is guaranteed.