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Little Secrets Nobody Shares About Buying Mattresses Online

Buying a new mattress online is a complex process. There are so many online mattress stores stocking different brands that it can be exhausting to figure out the best option. While comfort and your budget should be among the most important things to look out for, there are a few little secrets that nobody is ready to share when it comes to buying mattresses online.

  1. Higher Price Doesn’t Translate To Better Quality Mattress

One of the most common concerns about purchasing a mattress online or from physical stores is price. Most people can’t figure out why some brands tend to cost so much. Well, it boils down to the huge markups that such brands put on their products. Most mattress brands cost between $500 and $1200. While you will find other models with higher price tags, it doesn’t necessarily indicate better quality. If anything, such models have the same support and cushioning as their less expensive counterparts.

  1. You Can Negotiate Mattress Price

Few people don’t know that they can also negotiate for discounts from online mattress stores. Well, with stiff competition in the mattress industry, every store wants to be the king of mattresses, which opens the possibility of them offering good bargains. To get the best deals, therefore, the only thing you should do as a buyer is to carry some research on the brands of mattresses you are interested in and the price points that your favorite stores offer them.

You can then go from one store to another and try to convince them to lower their prices by quoting the price that other online stores provide. With this strategy, you’ll be surprised at how you get great discounts on some mattress brands.

  1. Mattress With Foundation Might Void Your Warranty

Some online mattress stores that stipulate that if you don’t purchase mattresses with coordinating foundations, your warranty will be considered invalid. So, if you are planning to skip spending on a foundation because you feel you already have a perfect one, strive to check with the online store’s customer care or read their policy on foundations.

  1. Returns Or Exchanges May Attract Certain Fees

Most online mattress stores now have comfort guarantees that allow their customers to exchange the mattresses that they purchased within a certain duration.  While this is a good gesture, you should be aware that a store may require you to pay an exchange fee, extra delivery fee, or re-stocking fees. So, check a store’s return policy to be on the know of what you’ll pay should you find yourself turning and tossing on your new mattress.


If you decide to replace your old mattress with an improved option that you saw on an online store, don’t rush things. Remember that quality sleep is critical for your health, so it is really worth it to take your time and get the best. Hopefully, the above secrets will help you figure out how you can make the process of buying mattress online fruitful.