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Zhuzh Up Your Bathroom with Bathroom Floating Vanity!

Are you revamping your bathroom and want to make it more stylish? Well then, floating vanity might be what you need! This minimalistic style has taken the bathroom interior design industry by storm. It is the latest trend to take your bathroom to the next level while making it more functional.

What is Floating Vanity?

This refers to a bathroom cabinet that is attached to the wall rather than on the floor. The cabinet doesn’t touch the floor, unlike the standard vanities, which give it the illusion of ‘floating’ in the air. They give your bathroom that modern and trendy look most wish to have!


·        Adjustable Height

Unlike standard vanities, you can make this cabinet high as you want. Whether you are short or tall, being able to adjust the height of the cabinet as per your convenience is always a great option.

·        Gives You More Space

These cabinets make your bathroom look and feel bigger. These are also great options for bathrooms that are relatively smaller. The extended floor space makes your bathroom feel airier and the cabinets look less bulky.

·        Store Your Things Better

The cabinets extend along the wall. It gives you more storage space also. It gives you more space to organize your bathroom supplies and store it away. Not only things can you put things in the cabinet, but you can also put them under it!

·        Easy Cleaning

Imagine being able to access every nook and cranny of your bathroom. With floating vanity, it is possible! Clean underneath your cabinet easily without bending around in awkward positions to get the dust piled up, which usually happens with a standard cabinet.

·        Display Your Beautiful Tile Work

Not only will you be able to make your cabinet look like it’s floating, but you can also show off the tiles or flooring you’ve laid down. Show off your marble and porcelain floors without the cabinet in the way.

·        Allow More Radiant Heat

Get the most from your radiant floor heating with the floating cabinet. The best part about it is that you no longer have to worry about the bottom of your cabinet overheating.

·        Everyone Can Use It

From toddler to the elderly, from enabled to disabled, everyone can use this cabinet hassle-free.

Wait no more! Go and install a floating cabinet in your bathroom now!