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How to Choose & Install Hardwood Floors: A Complete Guide

The budget, the natural light, and the square meters of your house are key aspects before changing the hardwood flooring. In addition, depending on how practical you need it, you will have to decide whether to put a floor “for life” or one that will last you a few years, but later you will have to change.

How to choose the best hardwood floor?

Laminate floors are not solid wood, so they are cheaper. Its resistance, easy maintenance, and price are its main attractions. They have several layers of a melamine and pressed HDF and a top layer that is a high-resolution photo of real wood. They install seamlessly in kitchens and bathrooms, like Quick-Step’s Impressive line.

One of their main advantages is that wood floor installation Lawndale CA is easy. The click-type system is the most used due to its speed and cleanliness: the parquet boards are joined together without the need to glue the joints. In addition, it can be placed on any floor if it is well leveled and it is possible to walk on it as it is being installed. And even if the wood contracts or expands, the joints do not open.

In addition, laminate is the most practical and economical for a busy floor. The qualities have improved a lot and you can find a variety of prices and wood tones. Also, today there are laminate floors for kitchens and bathrooms.

Which hardwood floor finish to choose?

It depends on how you want your floor to be, its style, and care.

Oiling enhances the authenticity of the wood. It is resistant, elegant, and with a contemporary touch. In addition, it helps you regulate humidity at home. It is also the most natural and ecological because it leaves the pore open. This allows the wood to “work”, helping to regulate the humidity in the house. But you will need to oil the floor once a year.

The varnished finishes, for their part, increase the resistance of the floor and facilitate cleaning. The varnish seals the pores of the wood, which makes it easy to clean and requires little maintenance. In a matte or super matte finish, without shine, the look is more natural.

Better in a matte or extra-matte finish, so that the floor does not shine and has a more natural and up-to-date appearance.

It is also important that the parquet is silent and that it does not creak… That is why parquet and laminates are becoming more and more silent. Its HDF layer increases the weight of the plank and this reduces vibrations and noise.